• About Us

    Ecotech-BG is an Internet project uniting a number of companies specializing in: technical consulting; foreign trade logistics and assembly of building structures.
    The goal of pooling our efforts is to provide high-quality, modern housing for broad segments of the EU's population. For those of us who do not have super profits to buy real estate at exorbitant prices and often of poor quality. For those who want to live today. Ones who understands that their children need a comfortable living space now, not when they are going to study or work elsewhere. Ones who knows their children will create their own families and will think about their own homes.
    Absence of overhead charges for maintaining the organisational infrastructure (office, warehouses, showroom) enables us to keep the lowest prices in Europe, thus making the aim realisable. Professionalism and responsibility of key participants ensures fulfil their obligations to you with high quality at all stages. And minimising of human factor in the production of prefabricated house designs gives us the opportunity to guarantee the quality of houses that meet the requirements of modern man.
    We have an opportunity to create an office in one (or several) of majority cities in Bulgaria. We can build a showroom in Bulgaria and stop sending you to the producers’ sites. Just all this will lead to rising costs of our products.

    Decide what is more important to you: your own house or our office?